Hardware & Software Vulnerabilities are Guaranteed

FIRST — the Community who Embraces Vulnerability Response

Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRT) Services Framework

Don’t wait for the Brian Krebs or Black Hat disclosure! Prepare your organization by starting with FIRST PSIRT Framework!

FIRST Releases Training to Help Companies Respond to Product Vulnerabilities

About the PSIRT Training Course

  • What a PSIRT is and the various organizational structures to them;
  • The foundations of a solid PSIRT;
  • How to define and manage stakeholders;
  • Vulnerability discovery, reporting, and intake;
  • Vulnerability qualification and reproduction;
  • Patch management, remediation, and incident handling;
  • Stakeholder notification, coordination, and disclosure;
  • Training within your organization to ensure efficient product security processes.





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Barry Greene

Barry Greene

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